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My Diary

Hello world!

Hello world!

You know…

I think the first blog post is always the hardest to write. You’re wondering what to say and where to begin. Should you share your whole life story? Maybe jump right into content? You start searching and scanning the internet, hoping that what someone else did will give you even the slightest bit of inspiration and then you, well I, just ended up stuck.

I think the best advice I’ve ever received was from a fellow up and coming blogger. I asked her howw she came up with her first post and it amazed me at how simple her advice was. Her advice was to just let it come to me. Out of all the searching and mining for that golden piece of information. Out of all the “Step-by-steps” and “Tips for Success” her advice was to just let it come to me.

This got me thinking about how in the world today we’re so busy. Always looking for a quick fix. Always looking for a way to do things faster, a way to be busier and honestly not always better. The idea that letting something happen naturally on in essence, exhibiting patience is a foreign concept to us. And personally, I think that translates into the care, or lack thereof, that we show ourselves.

We as women are nurturers. It is in our nature to want to give to and care for other people. We give to our families, our jobs, our projects, our schools. We do community service and extracurriculars, we raise children, we take care of households and everything else under the sun. But what happens we you do all of these things and give all of this time to other people and organizations? What could you possibly have left to give to yourself? Our health and our sanity fall be the wayside because “I’ll get to it when I graduate”, “I’ll do better after I get this job”, “I’ll have more time when the kids get older”. It’s always “later” or “eventually” and it becomes a never ending cycle of inconsistency and complacency.

I am here to help you break that cycle. I am not a health guru. I am not a psychologist or a doctor (not yet anyway). But I am a sister, I am a daughter, I am an aunt and most of all I am a woman. In other words, I’m just like you! I am a health and beauty enthusiast and I hope to share that enthusiasm with the world. My goal is to help women change their lives through encouragement, the sharing of information and the creation of a community.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. As I progress through life, I continuously learning along the the way. But I do believe that my voice is important enough to be heard and as I embark on this journey I implore you all to join me as we learn to love ourselves, empower one another and create the phenomenal life that we deserve.

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